100 Years of Who s Who in Baseball

Titre : 100 Years of Who s Who in Baseball
Auteur : Douglas B. Lyons
Éditeur : Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN-13 : 9781493017225
Libération : 2015-02-15

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In celebration of the 100th issue of Who’s Who in Baseball—one of the game’s most venerable publications—comes a century's worth of the annual's iconic covers, insightful breakdowns of the players featured on those covers, and informative accounts of the baseball history tied to each year’s issue. 100 Years of Who’s Who in Baseball is a colorful, must-have book of baseball nostalgia for fans of the American Pastime. The start of the baseball season brings with it a host of annual traditions and reminders, and one of the most beloved—the annual Who’s Who in Baseball—arrives on newsstands across the country every Spring Training. The 2015 season marks 100 years of Who’s Who delivering year-by-year stats to generations of baseball fans to quickly and easily track a player’s performance from the minors to the majors. And while Who’s Who is trusted as an authoritative source of baseball statistics and has been used by generations of club executives, broadcasters, journalists, and fans—it’s the publication’s cover subject that each year generates as much hot-stove speculation and buzz as off-season rumors of trades, firings, and pitching rotations. In partnership with Who’s Who in Baseball, this celebratory book features each of the annual's 100 iconic covers in full color along with an account of why the player rated the cover and what was going on in baseball at the time. From baseball’s deadball era to the dawn of “replay review,” this collection offers a gorgeously illustrated history of the game.

Yankees Century

Titre : Yankees Century
Auteur : Glenn Stout
Éditeur : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN-13 : 0618085270
Libération : 2002

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A narrative history of the New York Yankees includes coverage of its legendary players and contributors, team achievements, and most notable moments, in a volume complemented by more than 250 photographs.

Baseball America 2017 Directory

Titre : Baseball America 2017 Directory
Auteur :
Éditeur : Baseball America
ISBN-13 : 1932391703
Libération : 2017-04-11

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A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Baseball America 2017 Directory Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

100 Years of Baseball

Titre : 100 Years of Baseball
Auteur : Andy Gondle
Éditeur : Andy Gondle
ISBN-13 :
Libération : 2014-01-23

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"No One Who Wants to Know Baseball History Should be Without this Book" -- Portland Press Herald The story of America's pastime is rooted in our history. The most commonly told stories of baseball are no mystery. They can easily be found in any of the thousands of books on this team or that player. In 100 Years of Baseball, we get to look even further into the past at the stories that didn't make the headlines. Down through the years as baseball grew, Lee Allen traces the development... the New York knickerbockers of yesteryear; Jackie Robinson; the dark days of 1919, to the shenanigans of Durocher and MacPhail, and the New York Yankee world series monopoly. For a full-fledged history of professional baseball with all its crises, climaxes and heroes 100 Years of Baseball is a book that will excite you like no other.

Fenway Park The Centennial

Titre : Fenway Park The Centennial
Auteur : Saul Wisnia
Éditeur : St. Martin's Press
ISBN-13 : 0312642741
Libération : 2011-09-13

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Honoring the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, this is a nostalgic and reverent look at America’s # 1 baseball shrine--the national treasure that has been home to more than 600 straight sellouts and some of baseball's greatest games and players over the last century Relive 100 years of memories in Fenway Park with this monumental book-with an original DVD documentary hosted by Carlton Fisk. With supreme photography, a wealth of memorabilia, and original commentary by three generations of Boston Red Sox players and fans, this book celebrates the stadium in style. It also includes treasures from the Sports Museum of New England—rarely seen photographs and artifacts—that enhance the nostalgic experience. FENWAY PARK: THE CENTENNIAL is a visually stunning and thoroughly engaging celebration of this great monument and its 100 year history. Packed with original essays, commentary and history, this landmark book includes sections on: • The inception, construction, and early years of Fenway Park • Detailed looks at Red Sox legends from Babe Ruth and Ted Williams to Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz • The greatest moments of the Green Monster, Fenway’s most famous feature • A trip inside the Monster’s manually operated scoreboard • Fenway fans and their love affair with the legendary stadium through the years • Unforgettable seasons, including the Impossible Dream team and the 2004 World Series champs

Hall of Fame Baseball Cards

Titre : Hall of Fame Baseball Cards
Auteur : Bert Randolph Sugar
Éditeur : Courier Corporation
ISBN-13 : 9780486236247
Libération : 1978

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Full-color, detachable facsimile reproductions, both front and back, of 92 authentic baseball cards. Among the players are Hornsby, Young, McGraw, Stengel, Rickey, Gehrig, Williams, Mantle, Spahn, Robinson, Musial, Koufax, Clemente, and many more. There is no duplication of cards with Sugar's Classic Baseball Cards.

Moneyball The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

Titre : Moneyball The Art of Winning an Unfair Game
Auteur : Michael Lewis
Éditeur : W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN-13 : 0393066231
Libération : 2004-03-17

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"This delightfully written, lesson-laden book deserves a place of its own in the Baseball Hall of Fame." —Forbes Moneyball is a quest for the secret of success in baseball. In a narrative full of fabulous characters and brilliant excursions into the unexpected, Michael Lewis follows the low-budget Oakland A's, visionary general manager Billy Beane, and the strange brotherhood of amateur baseball theorists. They are all in search of new baseball knowledge—insights that will give the little guy who is willing to discard old wisdom the edge over big money.


Titre : Scorecasting
Auteur : Tobias Moskowitz
Éditeur : Crown Archetype
ISBN-13 : 0307591816
Libération : 2011-01-25

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In Scorecasting, University of Chicago behavioral economist Tobias Moskowitz teams up with veteran Sports Illustrated writer L. Jon Wertheim to overturn some of the most cherished truisms of sports, and reveal the hidden forces that shape how basketball, baseball, football, and hockey games are played, won and lost. Drawing from Moskowitz's original research, as well as studies from fellow economists such as bestselling author Richard Thaler, the authors look at: the influence home-field advantage has on the outcomes of games in all sports and why it exists; the surprising truth about the universally accepted axiom that defense wins championships; the subtle biases that umpires exhibit in calling balls and strikes in key situations; the unintended consequences of referees' tendencies in every sport to "swallow the whistle," and more. Among the insights that Scorecasting reveals: Why Tiger Woods is prone to the same mistake in high-pressure putting situations that you and I are Why professional teams routinely overvalue draft picks The myth of momentum or the "hot hand" in sports, and why so many fans, coaches, and broadcasters fervently subscribe to it Why NFL coaches rarely go for a first down on fourth-down situations--even when their reluctance to do so reduces their chances of winning. In an engaging narrative that takes us from the putting greens of Augusta to the grid iron of a small parochial high school in Arkansas, Scorecasting will forever change how you view the game, whatever your favorite sport might be. From the Hardcover edition.

Indians Illustrated

Titre : Indians Illustrated
Auteur : Mark Michael Stang
Éditeur : Orange Frazer PressInc
ISBN-13 : 1882203674
Libération : 2000

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Over 240 black and white photographs span 100 years of baseball history in this stunning collection of Indians images. From the days of League Park and Tris Speaker to Jacobs Field and Jim Thome, the famous and forgotten fill these pages and recall the glory of Cleveland baseball. Culled from 16 public and private photo archives, this collection includes dozens of previously unpublished images. Many of the older photographs were locked away in dusty files for decades until appearing here for the first time. Printer's marks were removed and the detail on the images was revealed through careful restoration. Most of the photographs have been reproduced to near their original size to faithfully record what the photographer saw. These photographs record the changing face of baseball through the century by documenting the evolution of equipment, ball parks, uniforms and batting styles. Players, managers, owners and broadcasters -- they're all here, with captions that bring their stories to life. From the glory of the 1920 champions to the agony of 1954 and the team s rebirth at Jacobs Field. From Lajoie to Lofton and beyond.

A History of Badger Baseball

Titre : A History of Badger Baseball
Auteur : Steven D. Schmitt
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0299312704
Libération : 2017-04-11

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This history of University of Wisconsin baseball combines colorful stories from the archives, interviews with former players and coaches, a wealth of historic photographs, and the statistics beloved by fans of the game.