Comment la terre d Isra l fut invent e

Titre : Comment la terre d Isra l fut invent e
Auteur : Shlomo Sand
Éditeur : Flammarion
ISBN-13 : 9782081334571
Libération : 2014-02-26T00:00:00+01:00

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Les mots « terre d’Israël » renferment une part de mystère. Par quelle alchimie la Terre sainte de la Bible a-t-elle pu devenir le territoire d’une patrie moderne, dotée d’institutions politiques, de citoyens, de frontières et d’une armée pour les défendre ? Historien engagé et volontiers polémiste, Shlomo Sand a, à grand bruit, dénoncé le mythe de l’existence éternelle du peuple juif. Il poursuit ici son œuvre de déconstruction des légendes qui étouffent l’État d’Israël et s’intéresse au territoire mystérieux et sacré que celui-ci prétend occuper : la « terre promise », sur laquelle le « peuple élu » aurait un droit de propriété inaliénable. Quel lien existe-t-il, depuis les origines du judaïsme, entre les juifs et la « terre d’Israël » ? Le concept de patrie se trouve-t-il déjà dans la Bible et le Talmud ? Les adeptes de la religion de Moïse ont-ils toujours aspiré à émigrer au Moyen-Orient ? Comment expliquer que leurs descendants, en majorité, ne souhaitent pas y vivre aujourd’hui ? Et qu’en est-il des habitants non juifs de cette terre : ont-ils – ou non – le droit d’y vivre ?

The Invention of the Jewish People

Titre : The Invention of the Jewish People
Auteur : Shlomo Sand
Éditeur : Verso
ISBN-13 : 9781844676231
Libération : 2010-06-14

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"Anyone interested in understanding the contemporary Middle East should read this book." Tony Judt --

The Invention of the Land of Israel From Holy Land to Homeland

Titre : The Invention of the Land of Israel From Holy Land to Homeland
Auteur : Shlomo Sand
Éditeur : Verso Books
ISBN-13 : 9781844679461
Libération : 2012-11-20

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Evaluates the notions of a Promised Land to explain why Israel has become the site of the longest running national struggle of the twentieth century, posing a controversial argument that the concept of a "Land of Israel" facilitated colonization and is threatening the existence of the Jewish state today.

The Holocaust Industry

Titre : The Holocaust Industry
Auteur : Norman G. Finkelstein
Éditeur : Verso
ISBN-13 : 185984488X
Libération : 2003

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Controversial indictment of those who exploit the tragedy of the Holocaust for their own gain.

Atheist Manifesto

Titre : Atheist Manifesto
Auteur : Michel Onfray
Éditeur : Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN-13 : 9781626367791
Libération : 2013-12-13

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This hugely controversial work demonstrates convincingly how the world’s three major monotheistic religions—Christianity, Judaism, and Islam—have attempted to suppress knowledge, science, pleasure, and desire, condemning nonbelievers often to death. Not since Nietzsche has a work so groundbreaking and explosive questioned the role of the world’s three major monotheistic religions. If Nietzsche proclaimed the death of God, Onfray insists that not only is God still very much alive but also increasingly controlled by fundamentalists who pose a danger to the nature of human morality. Documenting the ravages of religious intolerance over the centuries, the author makes a strong case against the three religions for their obsession with purity and their contempt for reason and intelligence, individual freedom, desire, and the human body, as well as their disdain for women, sexuality, and pleasure. In their place, all three demand faith and belief, obedience and submission, extolling the “next life” to the detriment of the here and now. Tightly argued, this is a work that is sure to stir debate on the role of religion in American society—and politics.

William Shakespeare

Titre : William Shakespeare
Auteur : Victor Hugo
Éditeur : The Minerva Group, Inc.
ISBN-13 : 9780898753394
Libération : 2001-05-01

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The true title of this work should be 'Concerning Shakespeare.' The author's original incentive was the desire to "introduce," as they say in England, the new translation of Shakespeare to the public. The tie that binds him so closely to the translator need not deprive him of the privilege of commending the translation.From another side, and still more closely, his conscience was engaged by the subject itself. In contemplating Shakespeare, all the questions relating to art have arisen in the author's mind. To deal with these questions is to set forth the mission of art; to deal with these questions is to set forth the duty of human thought toward man. Such an opportunity for speaking some true words imposes an obligation that is not to be shirked, especially in time like ours. This, the author has understood. He has not hesitated to take every avenue of approach to these complex questions of art and of civilization, varying the horizon as the perspective shifted, and accepting every hint supplied by the urgency of the task. From such an enlarged conception of the subject this book has sprung. This great work does not depend for its value upon the accuracy of its statements of fact, nor even, upon the light it throws upon the life and genius of Shakespeare. It is mainly to be prized as a masterly statement of the author's ideas concerning the proper relation of literature to human life - a statement illuminated by wonderful flashes of poetry and eloquence, and illustrated by strong characterizations of many famous books and men. This is not to say that the present work will not serve, better than most others, as an introduction to Shakespeare, to Aeschylus, and perhaps to some other of the immortals whom it so glowingly celebrates. Victor Hugo (1802-1885) was a French writer who went into exile after Napoleon III seized power (1851), returning to France in 1870. His novels include The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) and Les Miserables (1862). Hugo was France's favorite son and, more than that, for years he had been her champion, her conscience and her spirit.

The God of Israel and Christian Theology

Titre : The God of Israel and Christian Theology
Auteur : R. Kendall Soulen
Éditeur : Fortress Press
ISBN-13 : 1451416415
Libération : 1996-01-01

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With acknowledgment that Christian theology contributed to the persecution and genocide of Jews comes a dilemma: how to excise the cancer without killing the patient? Kendall Soulen shows how important Christian assertions-the uniqueness of Jesus, the Christian covenant, the finality of salvation in Christ-have been formulated in destructive, supersessionist ways not only in the classical period (Justin Martyr, Irenaeus) and early modernity (Kant and Schleiermacher) but even contemporary theology (Barth and Rahner). Along with this first full-scale critique of Christian supersessionism, Soulen's own constructive proposal regraps the narrative unity of Christian identity and the canon through an original and important insight into the divine-human covenant, the election of Israel, and the meaning of history.

The Sacrifice of Tamar

Titre : The Sacrifice of Tamar
Auteur : Naomi Ragen
Éditeur : St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN-13 : 9781429910842
Libération : 2010-07-20

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Tamar Finegold is twenty-one years old, the happy, beautiful bride of a rising young Rabbi in one of Brooklyn's insulated, ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities. Having married the man of her dreams and taken her place as a wife—and hopefully soon-to-be mother—in her community, Tamar feels as though the world is at her feet. But her secure, predictable existence is brought to an abrupt end when she is raped by an intruder. Fearing the unbearable stigma and threat to her marriage that could result from telling the truth, Tamar makes a fateful decision that changes her life forever. Her feeling that she did the only thing she could under the circumstances explodes when years later a shocking, undreamed of turn of events finally forces her to confront her past, once and for all


Titre : Imperialism
Auteur : Hannah Arendt
Éditeur : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN-13 : 0547705204
Libération : 1968-03-20

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This middle volume focuses on the curious and cruel epoch of declining European colonial imperialism from 1884 to the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. Index.

Cultural memory

Titre : Cultural memory
Auteur : C. E. J. Caldicott
Éditeur : Peter Lang Pub Inc
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015063307410
Libération : 2003

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Memory and culture are terms which are now fashionable, if not over-used, but they need careful handling. This book explores their use in a variety of contexts: in European creative writing, in the spheres of national celebration, mourning, and administration of the arts, and in concepts of translation and history. The editors' introduction maps the surrounding theoretical terrain, and each of the following twenty-two essays explores related issues within the specific brief of a local context, whether in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy or Spain, organized under five thematic lines of enquiry: Memory as Counter-History, Narrativity and Remembering, Locating Memory, Remembering and Renewal, Remembering as Trauma. Coming into prominence after the Holocaust and the fall of European dictatorships, studies in Cultural Memory have been fuelled by the works of Walter Benjamin, Aby Warburg, the rediscovery of Maurice Halbwachs, and more recently by Pierre Nora's notion of 'sites of memory'. Furthermore, they have benefited from the reflections of a range of contemporary theorists in this area, including Paul Ricoeeur, Michel de Certeau and Jan Assman. The studies in this volume, however, go beyond the present to show how, in earlier times, the devices of memory and commemoration were exploited both for and against the state. Within the sphere of the present, the expression of memory in narrative is shown to be an essential source of inspiration for the creative writer, discovering renewal in a sense of loss.