Livres hebdo

Titre : Livres hebdo
Auteur :
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : IND:30000107222915
Libération : 2006

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A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Livres hebdo Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Livres de France

Titre : Livres de France
Auteur :
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : STANFORD:36105123038734
Libération : 2007

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Includes, 1982-1995: Les Livres du mois, also published separately.

Conte en biblioth que

Titre : Conte en biblioth que
Auteur : Évelyne Cevin
Éditeur : Editions du Cercle de La Librairie
ISBN-13 : 2765408963
Libération : 2005

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Le conte en bibliothèque : pour quoi faire ? Cette alliance de l'écrit et de l'oral n'est-elle pas, a priori, quelque peu contradictoire ? Et d'ailleurs, qu'entend-on par conte ? Conte littéraire, conte populaire ? Que penser de ce genre ? Comment le définir ? Comment constituer un fonds riche et attrayant ? Lit-on les contes, les dit-on ? À qui ? Que penser de l'institutionnelle " Heure du conte " ? Est-elle véritablement encore pratiquée ? A quelles fins ? Le conte intéresse-t-il toujours à l'heure des ordinateurs ? Faut-il le réserver aux plus petits ? Et les adolescents, les adultes ? Qui transmettra ces récits ? Les bibliothécaires ? Les nouveaux conteurs, amateurs ou professionnels ? Après quelques brefs rappels historiques, quelques définitions des différentes familles de contes, quelques réflexions concernant leur transmission, leur transcription, leur survivance grâce à l'écrit et leur retour à l'oralité, on verra pourquoi il est si important d'en nourrir nos enfants dès leur plus jeune âge. Puis, à travers une brève histoire des bibliothèques pour la jeunesse, quelques témoignages actuels, on pourra redécouvrir une part essentielle, parfois un peu trop oubliée aujourd'hui, du métier de bibliothécaire. En guise de conclusion, quelques bibliographies et six variantes d'un conte très connu. Ce livre est le résultat d'un faisceau d'expériences, de points de vue très divers d'universitaires et de praticiens. Il est le fruit d'amitiés nouées au fil des années, de transmissions, de discussions parfois houleuses, de beaucoup de rires partagés, de travail, d'anecdotes... Le conte était propice à ces rencontres imprévues et La Joie par les livres, institution atypique s'il en est, en a été le lieu idéal.

Macromedia Studio 8

Titre : Macromedia Studio 8
Auteur : Jeffrey Bardzell
Éditeur : Peachpit Press
ISBN-13 : 9780321336200
Libération : 2006

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Covering all the products in Macromedia Studio 8, this title demonstrates using hands-on projects, how to combine the various software elements to create Web sites from beginning to end, including movies, sound, interactivity, dynamic text and more.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers

Titre : Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers
Auteur : Martin Evening
Éditeur : Taylor & Francis
ISBN-13 : 9780240814834
Libération : 2010-10-04

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Part of Evening's successful Adobe Photoshop for Photographers series, this guide applies the same winning approach to a professional Photoshop workflow. Highly visual, with clear, step-by-step tutorials, it will appeal to those who want to see how the experts approach Photoshop, producing consistent top-quality results on time and to budget.

Adobe After Effects CC Classroom in a Book

Titre : Adobe After Effects CC Classroom in a Book
Auteur : Adobe Creative Team
Éditeur : Adobe Press
ISBN-13 : 9780133430981
Libération : 2013-06-22

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The fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe After Effects CC Classroom in a Book®, the best-selling series of hands-on software training workbooks, offers what no other book or training program does–an official training series from Adobe Systems Incorporated, developed with the support of Adobe product experts. Adobe After Effects CC Classroom in a Book contains 14 lessons that cover the basics, providing countless tips and techniques to help you become more productive with the program. You can follow the book from start to finish or choose only those lessons that interest you. Purchasing this book gives you access to the downloadable lesson files you need to work through the projects in the book, and to electronic book updates covering new features that Adobe releases for Creative Cloud customers. For access, go to and redeem the unique code provided inside this book. “The Classroom in a Book series is by far the best training material on the market. Everything you need to master the software is included: clear explanations of each lesson, step-bystep instructions, and the project files for the students.” Barbara Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor Rocky Mountain Training

Adobe After Effects CC Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques

Titre : Adobe After Effects CC Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques
Auteur : Mark Christiansen
Éditeur : Adobe Press
ISBN-13 : 9780133442670
Libération : 2013-08-01

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This is the only book to focus exclusively on the creation of visual effects for After Effects, and is a one-stop resource for anyone who wants in-depth explanations that demystify the realm of visual effects and how they were created, thanks to veteran author Mark Christiansen's friendly and accessible style. A thoroughly packed, informative read, this masterful guide focuses on explaining the essential concepts, features, and techniques that are key to creating seamless movie-quality visual effects. Users who are comfortable with After Effects will find a helpful review of the fundamentals—managing footage, viewing and editing layers, animating type, and more—so they can learn how to work smarter and more efficiently. Readers of all levels will learn core techniques for effects compositing including color matching, keying, rotoscoping, motion tracking, emulating the camera, and concluding with using expressions in After Effects. The final section of the book delves into creative explorations, demonstrating professional effects that readers might want to re-create. Readers will also find comprehensive coverage of all new features, including the new workflow between After Effects CC and CINEMA 4D, coverage on the 3D Camera Tracker, and examples of the Refine Edge tool for high-quality matting results. Included with the book are HD media files and After Effects project files used for many of the techniques in the book, as well as demos of plug-ins that you can use to experiment with in your own effects. To access these files goto and redeem the unique code provided inside this book. Information on where to locate the code can be found on page xxvi. Author Expertise: Mark Christiansen ( is a visual effects supervisor and creative director and has worked on features including Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and Beasts of the Southern Wild, and has served as a director, producer, designer, and compositor/animator on commercials, music videos, live events, and television documentary productions. Mark has done work directly for the Adobe After Effects development and marketing teams, is a founder at, and has taught courses at and Academy of Art University. He has been a guest host of popular podcasts such as “The VFX Show” and has written all editions of this book and coauthored After Effects 5.5 Magic. Mark is also founder of New Scribbler Press.

Photoshop CS5 The Missing Manual

Titre : Photoshop CS5 The Missing Manual
Auteur : Lesa Snider
Éditeur : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN-13 : 9781449390570
Libération : 2010-05-13

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Photoshop CS5 is more amazing than ever, but it can be overwhelming if you're just getting started. This book makes learning Photoshop a breeze by explaining things in a conversational, friendly style -- with no technical jargon. After a thorough introduction to the program, you'll delve deep into Photoshop's secrets with expert tips and practical advice you can use every day. Learn your way around. Get a guided tour of Photoshop's efficient new workspace Unlock the power. Learn the best ways to use layers, channels, masks, paths, and more Bring images to life. Discover how to effectively retouch, resize, and recolor your photos Be artistic. Create beautiful illustrations and paintings, and use text effectively Share your work. Produce great-looking photos for print and the Web Work smarter and faster. Automate common chores and install plug-ins for complex tasks Get bonus online content. Find more great material on the Missing CD page Written with the clarity, humor, and objective scrutiny, Photoshop CS5: The Missing Manual is the friendly, thorough resource you need.

Adobe Photoshop for Photographers 2016

Titre : Adobe Photoshop for Photographers 2016
Auteur : Martin Evening
Éditeur : Focal Press
ISBN-13 : 1138229733
Libération : 2016-08-31

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Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographersby Photoshop hall-of-famer and acclaimed digital imaging professional Martin Evening has been revamped to include detailed instruction for all of the updates to Photoshop CC on Adobe's Creative Cloud, including significant new features, such as Select and Mask editing, Facial Liquify adjustments and Guided Upright corrections in Camera Raw. This guide covers all the tools and techniques photographers and professional image editors need to know when using Photoshop, from workflow guidance to core skills to advanced techniques for professional results. Using clear, succinct instruction and real world examples, this guide is the essential reference for Photoshop users. The accompanying website has been updated with new sample images, tutorial videos, and bonus chapters.

The Photoshop Elements 12 Book for Digital Photographers

Titre : The Photoshop Elements 12 Book for Digital Photographers
Auteur : Scott Kelby
Éditeur : Peachpit Press
ISBN-13 : 9780133489019
Libération : 2013-12-13

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Adobe’s Photoshop Elements is America’s #1 selling consumer photo editing software, and this updated book—covering both Windows and Mac—breaks new ground by doing something for digital photographers that’s never been done before: It cuts through the bull and shows exactly “how to do it.” It’s not a bunch of theory; it doesn’t challenge readers to come up with their own settings or figure things out on your own. Instead, it tells readers flat-out which settings to use, when to use them, and why. This book gives the inside tips and tricks of the trade for organizing, correcting, editing, sharpening, retouching, and presenting photos like a pro. Readers will be absolutely amazed at how easy and effective these techniques are—once they know the secrets. This book covers: The real secrets of how the pros retouch portraits How to color correct any photo without breaking a sweat How to use Camera Raw for processing not only RAW photos, but JPEGs and TIFFs, too! The sharpening techniques the pros really use How to deal with common digital camera image problems, including removing noise and avoiding halos The most requested photographic special effects All the improved and brand new features of Elements 12, such as the enhanced work environment; the ability to move objects and have the background automatically filled in; one-touch Frames, Effects, and Textures; and the ability to more easily share your images online and with your mobile devices And much more!