The Little Mermaid

Titre : The Little Mermaid
Auteur : Hans Christian Andersen
Éditeur : "Издательство ""Проспект"""
ISBN-13 : 9785392054107
Libération : 2015-12-08

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"The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen, David Soldi and illustrated by Ivan Bilibin.

The Siren

Titre : The Siren
Auteur : Kiera Cass
Éditeur : HarperCollins
ISBN-13 : 9780062392015
Libération : 2016-01-26

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#1 New York Times bestseller From Kiera Cass, author of the Selection series, comes a captivating stand-alone fantasy romance. Kahlen is a Siren, bound to serve the Ocean by luring humans to watery graves with her voice, which is deadly to any human who hears it. Akinli is human—a kind, handsome boy who's everything Kahlen ever dreamed of. Falling in love puts them both in danger . . . but Kahlen can't bear to stay away. Will she risk everything to follow her heart? The Siren was previously self-published; this edition has been completely rewritten and redesigned.

Ultra Maniac

Titre : Ultra Maniac
Auteur : Wataru Yoshizumi
Éditeur : VIZ Media LLC
ISBN-13 : 9781421551883
Libération : 2012-05-07

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When Yuta, a boy from Nina's home dimension, enrolls in her Earth school, his motivations are suspect even before he secretly gives her best friend Ayu a camera guaranteed to reveal true love. Ayu quickly learns that love is an emotion most fickle, and not even Nina's magic can predict the target of Cupid's pointed arrow! -- VIZ Media

Saving Zoe

Titre : Saving Zoe
Auteur : Alyson Noël
Éditeur : St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN-13 : 1429918586
Libération : 2007-09-04

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It's been one year since the brutal murder of her older sister, Zoë, and fifteen-year-old Echo is still reeling from the aftermath. Her parents are numb, her friends are moving on, and the awkward start to her freshman year proves she'll never live up to her sister's memory. Until Zoë's former boyfriend Marc shows up with Zoë's diary. At first Echo's not interested, doubting there's anything in there she doesn't already know. But when curiosity prevails, she starts reading, becoming so immersed in her sister's secret world, their lives begin to blur, forcing Echo to uncover the truth behind Zoë's life so that she can start to rebuild her own. Prepare to laugh your heart out and cry your eyes out in this highly addictive tale as Alyson Noël's Saving Zoë tackles the complicated relationship between two sisters and shows how the bond can endure long after one of them is gone.

Alice in the Country of Hearts My Fanatic Rabbit

Titre : Alice in the Country of Hearts My Fanatic Rabbit
Auteur : QuinRose,
Éditeur : Yen Press
ISBN-13 : 9780316244367
Libération : 2013-04-23

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In a dangerous country where every resident brandishes a weapon, Alice has been invited to stay at Hatter Mansion, home of Mafia boss Blood Dupre and his right-hand man, Elliot March. The more time Alice spends at the mansion, the more attached Elliot becomes to Alice. But will his affections prove dangerous for Alice's other Wonderland friends...or for Alice herself?! In volume 2 of this all-new Wonderland manga, the March Hare has finally arrived!!

Dragon Ball Vol 1

Titre : Dragon Ball Vol 1
Auteur : Akira Toriyama
Éditeur : VIZ Media LLC
ISBN-13 : 9781421545752
Libération : 2010-11-02

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Before there was Dragon Ball Z, there was Akira Toriyama's action epic Dragon Ball, starring the younger version of Son Goku and all the other Dragon Ball Z heroes! Meet a naive young monkey-tailed boy named Goku, whose quiet life changes when he meets Bulma, a girl who is on a quest to collect seven "Dragon Balls." If she gathers them all, an incredibly powerful dragon will appear and grant her one wish. But the precious orbs are scattered all over the world, and Bulma needs Goku's help (and his super-strength)! With a magic staff for a weapon and a flying cloud for a ride, Goku sets out on the adventure of a lifetime... -- VIZ Media

Demon Love Spell

Titre : Demon Love Spell
Auteur : Mayu Shinjo
Éditeur : VIZ Media LLC
ISBN-13 : 9781421561936
Libération : 2013-03-05

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Shrine maiden Miko has sealed the powers of the sexy incubus Kagura, who has vowed to protect her. But now a fox spirit has transformed himself into a human to proclaim his love to Miko, making Kagura jealous. Miko relents and allows Kagura to enter her dreams again, but now he can no longer regain his incubus powers?! -- VIZ Media

Element Line

Titre : Element Line
Auteur : Mamiya Takizaki
Éditeur : TokyoPop
ISBN-13 : 142780530X
Libération : 2009-02-03

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Reads manga style, front to back and right to left.

How to Draw Fairies

Titre : How to Draw Fairies
Auteur : Paul Bryn Davies
Éditeur : Search PressLtd
ISBN-13 : 1844483711
Libération : 2009

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ART TECHNIQUES & MATERIALS. Drawing the figure is made easy as each fairy is built up from simple shapes and developed into a final image. There's much to inspire artists in this book, whatever their skill levels, along with different drawing styles, from simple cartoons to whimsical portraits. This book features popular subject and extremely simple step-by-step drawing method. It is great for absolute beginners or any artist wanting to brush up their drawing skills.

Fairy Companions Coloring Book Fairy Romance Dragons and Fairy Pets

Titre : Fairy Companions Coloring Book Fairy Romance Dragons and Fairy Pets
Auteur : Selina Fenech
Éditeur : Fairies and Fantasy Pty Limited
ISBN-13 : 0994355440
Libération : 2015-11-08

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Enjoy the magic of relationships with fairy romance, fairy families, and fairies with animal or dragon pets, as you color in these stunningly detailed fairies and companions themed illustrations. This coloring book features 25 detailed fantasy designs by Selina Fenech, based on her original paintings, ready to be brought to life with color! BONUS This book includes TWO full sets of the 25 artworks, for a total of 50 pages to color in. Try different color schemes, share with a family member, or have a back up in case of an oops! The paper is a quality white bond, images on one side only for easy removal and display. Coloring for all ages, with detail enough to satisfy adults but still accessible for children.