Sexuality in the Arab World

Titre : Sexuality in the Arab World
Auteur : Samir Khalaf
Éditeur : Saqi
ISBN-13 : 9780863564871
Libération : 2014-05-13

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Arab cultural discourse has been slow to respond to changing sexual behaviour. The contributors to this collection pick up the slack, ranging across such disciplines as literature, history, sociology and psychology. Is Damascus the 'chastity capital' of the Middle East, where perceptions of wealth and class fuel female rivalries? How do gay men cruise in Beirut? How do young women in Tunis cope with both social pressures to become thin and family pressures to gain weight? What do Lebanese creative-writing students write about sexual practices versus public behaviour? The fresh, compelling research topics covered include masculinity and migration; colonialism and sexual health; fantasy and violence; and domestic workers and sexual tensions. 'Other people's sex lives have always been a source of fascination, and nowhere more so than in the Middle East ... Ground-breaking.' New Statesman

Sex and the Citadel

Titre : Sex and the Citadel
Auteur : Shereen El Feki
Éditeur : Random House
ISBN-13 : 9781409019916
Libération : 2013-03-07

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Shortlisted for the Guardian first book award and longlisted for the Orwell Prize 'Important, brave and necessary' Naomi Wolf If you really want to know a people, start by looking inside their bedrooms. As political change sweeps the streets and squares, parliaments and presidential palaces of the Arab world, Shereen El Feki has been looking at upheaval a little closer to home – in the sexual lives of men and women in Egypt and across the region. The result is an informative, insightful and engaging account of a highly sensitive, and still largely secret, aspect of Arab society. Sex is entwined in religion and tradition, politics and economics, gender and generations, so it makes the perfect lens for examining the region's complex social landscape. From pregnant virgins to desperate housewives, from fearless activists to religious firebrands, Sex and the Citadel takes a fresh look at the sexual history of the Arab region and gives us unique and timely insight into everyday lives in a part of the world that is changing in front of our very eyes.

Desiring Arabs

Titre : Desiring Arabs
Auteur : Joseph A. Massad
Éditeur : University of Chicago Press
ISBN-13 : 9780226509600
Libération : 2008-09-15

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Sexual desire has long played a key role in Western judgments about the value of Arab civilization. In the past, Westerners viewed the Arab world as licentious, and Western intolerance of sex led them to brand Arabs as decadent; but as Western society became more sexually open, the supposedly prudish Arabs soon became viewed as backward. Rather than focusing exclusively on how these views developed in the West, in Desiring Arabs Joseph A. Massad reveals the history of how Arabs represented their own sexual desires. To this aim, he assembles a massive and diverse compendium of Arabic writing from the nineteenth century to the present in order to chart the changes in Arab sexual attitudes and their links to Arab notions of cultural heritage and civilization. A work of impressive scope and erudition, Massad’s chronicle of both the history and modern permutations of the debate over representations of sexual desires and practices in the Arab world is a crucial addition to our understanding of a frequently oversimplified and vilified culture. “A pioneering work on a very timely yet frustratingly neglected topic. . . . I know of no other study that can even begin to compare with the detail and scope of [this] work.”—Khaled El-Rouayheb, Middle East Report “In Desiring Arabs, [Edward] Said’s disciple Joseph A. Massad corroborates his mentor’s thesis that orientalist writing was racist and dehumanizing. . . . [Massad] brilliantly goes on to trace the legacy of this racist, internalized, orientalist discourse up to the present.”—Financial Times

Love and Sexuality in Modern Arabic Literature

Titre : Love and Sexuality in Modern Arabic Literature
Auteur : Roger M. A. Allen
Éditeur : Al Saqi
ISBN-13 : UVA:X002560157
Libération : 1995

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In segregated, conservative societies with a repressive attitude to women, writings on the theme of love and sexuality are of particular interest. Among the many studies on modern Arabic literature, this book is the first major treatment of what has generally been a taboo subject. The scope covers the entire history of modern Arabic literature--poetry, the novel and the short story--from the late nineteenth century to the end of the 1980s. Examples are drawn from countries as diverse as Algeria and Kuwait. Although the main accent is on the prose of Egypt and the countries of the Mashreq, North African literature is also included. Topics range from 'erotic awareness in the early Egyptian short story' to 'death and desire in Iraqi war literature', from 'fathers and husbands as tyrants and victims' to 'the foreign woman in the North African novel'. The writers whose works are analysed include Tawfiq al-Hakim, Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, Adonis, Layla Ba'albakki, Najib Mahfouz, Edwar al-Kharrat, Layla al-'Uthman and Nizar Qabbani. Each of the nineteen contributors to the book is a specialist in his or her field of modern Arabic literature.

Headscarves and Hymens

Titre : Headscarves and Hymens
Auteur : Mona Eltahawy
Éditeur : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN-13 : 9780374710651
Libération : 2015-04-21

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A passionate manifesto decrying misogyny in the Arab world, by an Egyptian American journalist and activist When the Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahawy published an article in Foreign Policy magazine in 2012 titled "Why Do They Hate Us?" it provoked a firestorm of controversy. The response it generated, with more than four thousand posts on the website, broke all records for the magazine, prompted dozens of follow-up interviews on radio and television, and made it clear that misogyny in the Arab world is an explosive issue, one that engages and often enrages the public. In Headscarves and Hymens, Eltahawy takes her argument further. Drawing on her years as a campaigner and commentator on women's issues in the Middle East, she explains that since the Arab Spring began, women in the Arab world have had two revolutions to undertake: one fought with men against oppressive regimes, and another fought against an entire political and economic system that treats women in countries from Yemen and Saudi Arabia to Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya as second-class citizens. Eltahawy has traveled across the Middle East and North Africa, meeting with women and listening to their stories. Her book is a plea for outrage and action on their behalf, confronting the "toxic mix of culture and religion that few seem willing or able to disentangle lest they blaspheme or offend." A manifesto motivated by hope and fury in equal measure, Headscarves and Hymens is as illuminating as it is incendiary.

Before Homosexuality in the Arab Islamic World 1500 1800

Titre : Before Homosexuality in the Arab Islamic World 1500 1800
Auteur : Khaled El-Rouayheb
Éditeur : University of Chicago Press
ISBN-13 : 0226729907
Libération : 2009-03-02

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Attitudes toward homosexuality in the pre-modern Arab-Islamic world are commonly depicted as schizophrenic—visible and tolerated on one hand, prohibited by Islam on the other. Khaled El-Rouayheb argues that this apparent paradox is based on the anachronistic assumption that homosexuality is a timeless, self-evident fact to which a particular culture reacts with some degree of tolerance or intolerance. Drawing on poetry, biographical literature, medicine, dream interpretation, and Islamic texts, he shows that the culture of the period lacked the concept of homosexuality.

Unspeakable Love

Titre : Unspeakable Love
Auteur : Brian Whitaker
Éditeur : Univ of California Press
ISBN-13 : 0520250176
Libération : 2006

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Draws long-overdue attention to the rights of homosexuals in the Middle East. Here, "Guardian" journalist, Brian Whitaker, paints a disturbing picture of people who live secretive, fearful lives, often jailed, or beaten and ostracised by their families, or sent to be 'cured' by psychiatrists.

Music and Media in the Arab World

Titre : Music and Media in the Arab World
Auteur : Michael Aaron Frishkopf
Éditeur : American Univ in Cairo Press
ISBN-13 : 9774162935
Libération : 2010

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Key issues of contemporary Arab society addressed through the culture of music

Rethinking Gender in Revolutions and Resistance

Titre : Rethinking Gender in Revolutions and Resistance
Auteur : Maha El Said
Éditeur : Zed Books Ltd.
ISBN-13 : 9781783602858
Libération : 2015-05-14

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Ever since the uprisings that swept the Arab world, the role of Arab women in political transformations received unprecedented media attention. The copious commentary, however, has yet to result in any serious study of the gender dynamics of political upheaval. Rethinking Gender in Revolutions and Resistance is the first book to analyse the interplay between moments of sociopolitical transformation, emerging subjectivities and the different modes of women’s agency in forging new gender norms in the Arab world. Written by scholars and activists from the countries affected, including Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, this is an important addition to Middle Eastern gender studies.

Sexuality in Islam

Titre : Sexuality in Islam
Auteur : Abdelwahab Bouhdiba
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 9780415439152
Libération : 2007-11-29

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This book was originally published in 1985. Beginning with the Qur'an, Abdelwahab Bouhdiba confronts the question of male supremacy in Islam, and the strict separation of the masculine and the feminine. He gives an account of purification practices, of Islamic attitudes towards homosexuality, concubinage, legal marriage and of the sexual taboos laid down by the Qur'an. He assesses present-day sexual practice, including eroticism, misogyny and mysticism and concludes that the sexual alienation - and even oppression - of modern Muslim women is the result not of the Islamic vision of sexuality, but of social and economic pressures.