The Color Encyclopedia of Hostas

Titre : The Color Encyclopedia of Hostas
Auteur : Diana Grenfell
Éditeur : Timber Press (OR)
ISBN-13 : 0881926183
Libération : 2004

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The core of this encyclopedia is a fully illustrated collection of the world's finest hostas, with a full description and color photo for each of 750 plants.

The Iron Legends

Titre : The Iron Legends
Auteur : Julie Kagawa
Éditeur : Harlequin
ISBN-13 : 9780373210749
Libération : 2012-08-28

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Three novellas set in the world of the Iron Fey follow the Iron Queen Meghan Chase as she embarks on a dangerous journey to enemy territory and kindles a romance with Prince Ash of the Winter Court.

Undead And Unwelcome

Titre : Undead And Unwelcome
Auteur : MaryJanice Davidson
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9780748118915
Libération : 2010-05-06

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Betsy Taylor has problems that only a vampire queen/suburban wife could possibly understand...such as fifty thousand angry werewolves. That's what Betsy is facing when she takes her werewolf friend Antonia's body to Cape Cod, where the Pack resides at Wyndham Mansion. Because Antonia died in her service, Betsy is alive and well - and wracked with guilt. She has no idea if the Wyndham werewolves will welcome her with fangs or friendship. While Betsy and her husband Sinclair try to make nice, their legal ward BabyJon is freaking out every werewolf he comes in contact with. Meanwhile, Betsy's posse back at the St Paul mansion are not happy. Increasingly frantic emails alert Betsy to her half-sister's increasingly erratic behavior. Looks like the devil's daughter is coming into her own - and raising hell. All in the name of making Betsy's life easier, of course.

The Warslayer

Titre : The Warslayer
Auteur : Rosemary Edghill
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0743435362
Libération : 2002-04-01

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Actress Gloria "Glory" McCardle finds her role as a television villainess coming to life when the wizards of Erchanen decide that she will be the perfect champion to fight the evil Warmother, who has escaped from her thousand-year imprisonment. Original.

The Hawk Eternal

Titre : The Hawk Eternal
Auteur : David Gemmell
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9781405512121
Libération : 2011-12-01

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While the warlike and heartless Aenir ravage the territory outside the mountain fastness of the clans, Sigarni, the Hawk Queen, arrives in this alternate version of her own universe through a gate in space and time. Taliesen, last of the gatekeepers, has no idea why she has arrived but knows that heroes are needed... Only Caswallon, loner, warrior and thief, realises the true extent of danger and horrors that his people are about to face. As Taliesen tries to discover Sigarni's purpose, Caswallon must unite the clans to overcome their greatest peril. In this sequel to THE IRONHAND'S DAUGHTER, David Gemmell returns to the clean air of High Druin and the smell of blood and burning that is soon to taint it.

Ironhand s Daughter

Titre : Ironhand s Daughter
Auteur : David Gemmell
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9781405512114
Libération : 2011-12-01

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After the bloody battle of Colden Moor the warlike highlanders had lost their independence. They lived in surly subservience to the Outlanders, and only a teenage girl survived to represent the line of kings: Sigarni. Sigarni the silver-haired. Huntress, whore, princess. All of these she was called. But those who pierce the veil of the future knew that a leader was coming to the North - a leader descended from Ironhand, mightiest of the highland kings.

For I Have Sinned

Titre : For I Have Sinned
Auteur : Darynda Jones
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9780349403496
Libération : 2013-11-22

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Darynda Jones revisits the sexy, suspenseful world of supernatural shenanigans she created in her Grave series with For I Have Sinned. In this Charley Davidson story, Charley helps a woman find out how she died and gives her the closure she needs to pass through to the other side.